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I really enjoy the letters and photos I receive from poodle puppies I've bred and their families. So I've decided to start collecting them on this page.

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Hi Barbara,

Today marks the last night of Moxie's 10th B&B in France, Austria and Germany.....2 places left. Tomorrow we go to a big resort hotel on a lake in Austria.  These are pics this am of the Danube. She was very afraid at first, but inly took 10 minutes to get her feet wet.  Look at the her shadow!  We are in wine country in Austria.  Went to France for 12 days where Moxie nursed me back to health while I had strep throat.  Only good news is that the French er clinic only costs 23 euro....IV included ( antibiotic and pain killer). Flew to Munich again from France on Monday....still sick....couldn't swallow drinks or food. Now in Austria( finally better) with our final stop in Munich August 6.  Home on Aug. 10.  Moxie is allowed on the floor in front of me as a service dog on Lufthansa. Most airlines will take them without that if not bigger than the 17 lb. limit when in the bag.  You just have to pay and still get paper work in the US.  No charge for us as service dog.  
Moxie has been incredibly well behaved. Other than a few barks when we are in a room somewhere, she has stayed in rooms with no barking when we are sightseeing without her (according to all Inn Keepers).  One huge Monastery let her in and she went on the 1/12 hour tour. She was really bored. Behaves at restaurants.  I would not hesitate to take her on other trips.  Different dog when taken out of her environment.  Not Fluent in French or German yet. Wonderfully cool weather here.  France was very HOT.
Take care and send pics!
Xo, Nancy Woelk


Hi Barbara,

Here is Blake at 14 months.  Our groomer wants us to leave Blake to her in our will lol!!!!  He is precious! 

Everett & Brenda

Hi Barbara,

The girls wanted to show their snow suits to Mommy Barbara and their little. Barclay buddies. I had to hold them for Miranda to sit still. She is 13 years old but still plays and likes to run around. We hope you are well and have a wonderful Easter holiday. Things are great here and spring is looking good.

Love from the crew,
Jill, Neil, Queen Miranda & Princess Remmy

Hi Barb,
was thinking of you today and just want to tell you " Thank you for my girls." They are my best friends. Paige is such a love and so so cute. She just loves going to the boys baseball games. We take her with us every week. She is so sweet and everyone loves her. Of cause she eats it all up. She gets along so well with Molly and Cozy. I just love watching them sleep next to each other.
You are the best!!! Love you much !!

God Bless, Shirley Lakatosh

Hi Barbara,

In October 1997, we bought a lovely little miniature puppy from you. We named her Mimi and she came into our home when our children were 7 and 9. Our children are grown and on their own now, but Mimi was with us until last week. She gave us enough warning that our children were able to be home in time for us all to be together when she passed away. She was a wonderful dog and we were so lucky to have her for almost 18 years! Thank you!
We will never replace her, but we do want another dog in our lives. We’d like to get a black or brown standard. Are there any breeders you can recommend who may a litter available in the near future?
Thank you,
Christine ParisHi Barbara

Hi Barbara,

We already love her. I just came upstairs to watch TV and relax. She and Paige are both lying in their little beds next to me watching TV. It was so good to see you and the poodles today. Anytime you want us to visit just let us know and we will come see you and the poodles. Thank you, so much for all our beautiful girls the last 25 years. They brought us so much joy all these years. God Bless and keep in touch.

Love, Shirley and Jane

Hi Barbara,

Hope you had a good Christmas! Blake is such a good boy, didn't bother the tree this year. We love him.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Everett and Brenda

Dear Momma Barbara,

I put my new toys in my new kitchen bed that my mommies bought for me. I love them.
I had my teeth cleaned today & the Vet told my mommies that for my age (I'll be 8 on 12/25) I did GREAT. No cavities. No teeth pulled. Gums OK. And I'm not messy either.
My Mommies clean my teeth every day & that seemed to work. They were very happy.
I'm glad you liked your new poodle top. Everyone should wear poodles every day!


Hello Barbara,

Happy Holidays to you and your human & poodle family. I hope you are all well.

Lilly Marlene has just turned 14 on Christmas eve and is as pretty as ever. Don't you agree. She's still a sassy and very entitled girl, even more so with age as she twists her humans to meet her every whim... and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for giving us 14 great years with her, and hopefully a few more!

All the best,
Pam Kieffer

Hello Barbara,

Oprah is doing great. She just loves everyone. She and Paige are best friends and enjoy our trips to NJ. We love our girls and Thank God for you for all the happiness you bring to us. Another reason why I love you, is because you make sure all Barclay Poodles are placed in good homes and that says a lot for you.

God Bless

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